Rewa Zeinati

Lebanese-American poet and writer, Rewa Zeinati, is the author of the poetry chapbook, Bullets & Orchids, published by Corrupt Press (2013).

Her creative nonfiction book entitled, Nietzsche’s Camel Must Die: An Invitation to Say ‘No’, is published by xanadu* (2013).

Several of her poems, essays, interviews and translations (from the Arabic into English) have been published in literary journals and anthologies in the USA, UK and Arab region.





Eman ElShaikh is a writer, poet, artist, and aspiring academic. She’s interested in exploring revolution, political consciousness, exile, memory, and narrative, both in her research and in her creative work. She is currently an editor at Muftah magazine. ElShaikh has previously served as a judge for the Arab American Book Awards. She blogs at and tweets at @mataahef.