Why Submit to Sukoon?

“Thank you for all the beauty that you give us [in Sukoon]”- Award-winning poet, and graphic artist, Claire Zoghb.

“Your magazine is not only wonderful to read, but the world needs it.” – Award-winning author and scholar, Marguerite G. Bouvard

“I am a devoted reader (and alum of!) Sukoon magazine, and I am so grateful for the richness it adds to the literary landscape — bringing the voices and textures and experiences of the part of the world where my heart resides onto our screens and into our hands. Thank you for the work you do.” – Poet, writer, translator and Pushcart Prize nominee, Lena Khalaf Tuffaha

“Thank you for founding such a quality online magazine. Sukoon is a necessary outlet. We need more places for the images, words, and thoughts from a beautiful and scarred region of the world to congregate and rest.” – Writer, Ula Higgins

“There’s no question that Sukoon is filling a big void!”- Poet, translator and artist, Mark Tardi

“You do such an amazing job of bringing together art, both visual and words, into a radiant picture. Thank you for providing this international literary journal from everywhere.  It helps me to feel  connected with others all around the globe.” Poet, writer, educator and Pushcart Prize nominee, Marsha Mathews